Egon Schiele: Art, Sexuality, and Viennese Modernism

Edited by Patrick Werkner

Contributors: Leon Botstein, Lorenz Eitner, Albert Elsen, Peter Haiko, Michael Huter, Almut Krapf-Weiler, Manfred Wagner, and Patrick Werkner.

"This is a collection of seven essays that were presented at a symposium on Egon Schiele and his time at Stanford University in 1990, the centenary of the artist's birth. In a brief introduction Lorenz Eitner points to two conflicting strains he finds in Austrian art and culture--an emotional exhibitionism and a refined rationality. The essays that follow examine these strains from a variety of perspectives."

177 pages. Cloth and paperback. 1994.

Cloth ISBN 0-930664-12-4
Paperback ISBN 0-930664-14-0

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