Austrian Expressionism: The Formative Years

Patrick Werkner

Translated by Nicholas T. Parsons

"Provides a close analysis and thoughtful assessment of the fin-de-siecle Viennese artists. . . . This book forcuses on the painting and graphics of early Austrian expressionism (particularly Gerstl, Kokoschka, Schiele, Schonberg, and Kubin) and the artistic and cultural forces that shaped it (including, for example, an enlightening discussion of the influence of dance on these artists' work). . . . Highly recommended."

"[Werkner] displays a discerning eye in his analysis of their art and a thorough knowledge of the contemporary cultural scene. . . . He manages to intertwine trenchant readings of individual works of art with lively accounts of experiences and relationships surrounding the creation of the work. His mastery of the sources is shown in his crisp examinations of received interpretations in current scholarship. . . . Werkner's effective narrative is supported by skillful book design that succeeds in integrating a large number of illustrations with the text . . . a highly readable and perceptive book on an art that continues to arouse enormous interest."
—Beth Irwin Lewis, Art Journal

323 pages. Cloth and paperback. 1993.

Cloth ISBN 0-930664-11-6
Paperback ISBN 0-930664-13-2

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